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Tiny Cubs and Little Tigers

3 years and 4-5 years old respectively

Our Tiny Cubs and Little Tigers programs are a martial arts experience tailored to the unique developmental stage of these little ones. Filled with light-hearted teaching and engaging games, Tiny Cubs and Little Tigers will learn the foundations of respect and awareness.


Children's Class

Ages 5-12

Our children's taekwondo program strives to cultivate an honorable character in young students by teaching forms, techniques, and skills in a lively and stimulating environment. Students are encouraged to work hard and overcome challenges through healthy competition and camaraderie.


Teen and Adult Classes

Dive Right In

You're never to old to start! Our adult taekwondo classes are flexible and easy to integrate into a busy schedule. Our goal in this class is to foster a community of learners who are investing in their personal development in and out of the studio.

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